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Laval, Qc, Montreal,piscine creusée

Hayward Pro Series 6 Position Sand Filter

For new pools and those already in use, the Pro series filters offer efficient flow, fully balanced backwashing and a self-cleaning drainage system for the best filtration value.

  • One of the most tolerant materials.

  • Easy maintenance.

  • Economical filtration.

  • Clear and clean water.

  • Economical filtration solution.

  • Low maintenance.

  • Minimal interaction.

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Hayward Swimclear Cartridge Filter

For new pools and those already in use. SwimClear filters provide the most energy efficient flow without backwashing to save 2,500 gallons of water per year.

  • The efficient flow decreases the operating cost.

  • Cleanable cartridge elements - no backwashing required.

  • Superior water clarity provides clear water.

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Carvin Splash sand filter

The Splash sand filter spreads water evenly across the diameter of the sand bed allowing for increased flow, better filtration, longer cycles and more efficient backwashing.

  • 7-function selector valve with inspection window

  • Automatic venting and pressure gauge

  • The corrosion resistant resin clamp

  • Resists corrosion and ultraviolet rays

  • Contains a robust frost-resistant hub

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Hayward Super Pump 1.5hp 1 Speed Pump

The Super Pump is the best-selling pump in the world: it is efficient, reliable and proven, setting the standard for excellence and added value.


  • Reliability and efficiency - The best-selling swimming pool pump

  • The best complete circulation pump

  • Resistant motor; quieter, operates at a lower temperature

  • Exclusive retractable handles; for easy removal of the strainer cover and faster basket cleaning

  • Faster maintenance - 4 bolts to remove to access the rotor

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Hayward Super Pump VS 1.5hp Variable Speed Pump

Hayward's best-selling pump has just been improved! The new Variable Speed VS Super Pump takes efficiency to the next level.

  • Up to 70% savings in energy costs compared to traditional single speed pumps.

  • Integrated variable speed transmission and shielded permanent magnet motor for superior reliability and better energy efficiency.

  • The Super Pump VS gives you complete control over in-ground pools and spas.

  • Adopt the Super Pump VS and save energy ... and money!

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Pump Carvin Orka

Carvin Orka in-ground pool pump made from quality materials and which will ensure increased reliability over the years that you use it.

  • Low noise level and superior performance to industry standards

  • Energy-efficient motor that reduces operating costs

  • Easy to remove cover with union fitting for quick maintenance

  • Suitable for cleaning systems, spa jets and other demanding applications

  • Universal pump base for quick and easy installation Non-return valve

  • Power consumption of 4.4 AMP (0.75 HP), half the competition

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Investing in a heat pump for your pool allows you to extend the swimming season. Our water heaters are ultra efficient, reliable and use little energy.

In addition, they are designed to withstand our winters.

Whether for an inground or above ground pool, our heat pumps will ensure your comfort, whatever the type of summer that Mother Nature has in store for us!

Heat Pump Braza

An efficiently heated swimming pool allows you to extend your swimming season and offers superior comfort corresponding to your lifestyle. The BRAZA heat pump offers you all the advantages:

  • Economic

  • Robust

  • powerful

  • silent

  • 5-year manufacturer's warranty on parts and labor

Available : 105K - 130K BTU

Manufacturing: Canada

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Heatpump Hayward

The Hayward Summit Heat Pump offers the greatest savings, best performance (BTU) and the ONLY corrosion resistant "Ultra Gold" finned evaporator available in the industry for ultimate durability.

Developing around 55 dB, Summit heat pumps are virtually silent a few meters away.

All of our Summit heat pumps are verified and certified by AHRI and we only publish actual performance (BTU).


Reliable performance:

Coaxial heat exchanger in titanium. Offers superior resistance to chemicals while ensuring superior heat exchange.

ONLY industry-standard corrosion resistant "Ultra Gold" fin evaporator. Offers extreme durability, especially in harsh environments.

Gas defrost to keep the unit performing at temperatures as low as 10 ° C.

R410A refrigerant for less damaging effects on the ozone layer.

Performances (BTU) certified by AHRI. Only actual performances are published.


Silent technology:

A soundproofing cover minimizes the noise level of the compressor.

Profiled fan blades ensure higher air flow and quiet operation.

Enjoy your backyard without noise. The quieter operation of a Hayward heat pump allows you to have a normal conversation in the serenity of your own class.

Available : 65K - 95K - 110K - 140K BTU

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Hayward Natural Gas and Propane Water Heater

The universal H series is a commitment to energy savings, high efficiency and installation adaptation for swimming pool specialists.

  • Cupronickel standard heat exchanger

  • Excellent resistance to salt water and chemical corrosion

  • Exclusive cupronickel heat exchanger with “fully managed” water flow

  • Even water speed in all pipes for faster heating

  • Patented collector bypass design

  • Up to 18% savings by reducing pump run time

  • PVC-C 2 '' x 2.5 '' Union Fittings

  • Common union for installation or maintenance, adapts to larger pipes recommended for greater efficiency

  • Low nitrogen oxide emissions - meets air quality standards

Available : 150K - 200K - 250K - 300K - 350K - 400K BTU

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AquaRite  I  Salt chlorinator

The world's best-selling salt chlorinator Hayward's AquaRite salt chlorinator is the practical option with conventional chlorine; giving your pool the softest and silky water and eliminating red eyes, itching or unpleasant odors. In addition, it is remarkably useful, automatically delivering chlorine for the best bathing experience. AquaRite is independently certified by the National Sanitation Foundation. With the best warranty support in the industry and savings of 50% or more on conventional chlorine, it's no surprise that it is the best-selling salt chlorinator in the world.

  • The best-selling salt chlorinator in the world; authentic excellence, a luxury experience.

  • Premium comfort; delivering soft, silky, luxurious water and eliminating red eyes

  • Convenient; never mix, measure, transport or store chlorine again

  • Huge savings; up to 50% or more on conventional chlorine.

Salt chlorination for adequate dimensions.
TurboCells salt chlorination cells are available in three sizes: 151,416 liters, 94,635 liters and 56,781 liters. The three formats allow you to calibrate your AquaRite for the most effective and economical chlorination possible.

The TurboCell cell is included in the packaging with AquaRite.

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Salt system VX Astral

VX salt chlorine generator with reverse polarity and self-cleaning, water connection of 1 1-2 '' and 2 '', advanced polarity reversal circuit, extending the useful life of the cell. Large user interface with LCD display. Automatic interruption of the pump when cleaning the filter.

  • Electrolyse au sel avec des électrodes autonettoyantes par inversion de polarité

  • Fonctionnement avec une concentration de sel de 4 g/l

  • Facile à installer et à utiliser

  • Conçu pour tous types de piscine jusqu’à 95m3

  • Compatible avec tous les revêtements de piscine

  • Bon rapport qualité-prix

  • Bouton booster « choc de chlore » (100% de production au rendement maximum)

  • Garantie 3 ans

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